Task Fi consumers about the globe have documented on Reddit that they are getting disconnected from roaming networks just after 30-60 seconds of activity, commencing late Friday, Pacific Typical Time. Most likely not coincidentally, T-Mobile US subscribers have also documented related problems when roaming. Supplied that mobile phones are a essential lifeline for tourists, notably when navigating language boundaries, roaming outages have the opportunity to be a distinctly harrowing knowledge.

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People in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Dubai, and Bahrain chimed in on the Reddit threads that they experienced missing provider. Primarily based on these consumer experiences, it appears that the outage lasted concerning 16-24 hours, however pinning down just when the outage started out and was remedied is challenging to work out specifically. In a separate Reddit thread, T-Mobile US consumers documented identical issues with global roaming.

Supplied that Task Fi is an MVNO combining T-Mobile US and Dash provider for domestic use (on appropriate phones) in the United States, it stands to purpose that Google is leveraging current global roaming agreements with T-Mobile US instead than negotiate with specific international locations.